Our beginnings [History of the audi-maniacs]

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Our beginnings [History of the audi-maniacs]

Post autor: cwieQ » sobota, 14 sierpnia 2010, 18:26

At the very beginning was chaos….

11-12 July 2009
29 CCCO (Audi) from around the UK met at Bradford’s Tesco Car Park. Families with their kids, burning rubber and roar of engines on max revs till cutting off the fuel.

That was beginning only... In evening we had one of our best, unforgettable attractions: BBQ. Till these days many people mention that great atmosphere and hospitality during our spots/meetings.
The smell of BBQ’ed sausage, chicken breasts, pints of beer (polish one too), chatting about lovely cars, mods and problems found…
Even rain seemed to be not bothering anybody (team was well prepared – gazebos etc).
Then the party moved to the hotel bar, when continued until dawn.
The next day was a carting day, where our competitors ran their carts till the very end of fuel. Their faces showed happiness and excitement.

24-25 October 2009
Bradford again – back side of Tesco’s Car Park. The wide range of beautiful, shiny Audis…
In the evening all participants had their polish style tea in local pub. Of course we had plenty of drinks, in most case alcoholic drinks… and then an bright idea came: “Shall we make up something our own? Something like a club/fan-club?” Most of us agreed and agreements had to be done to get everything sorted and started.
During the next day the team went for carting again. And again there was a great fight for a piece of shiny metal in cup-shape.

So, we can assume, that The Official Date when Audi-maniacs.com has been created was 24th of October 2009 and since then it develops quite well.